Step in Time is...

An eclectic mix of vintage fun!

Furniture, vinyl, china, linen, books, hats, bags, jewellery, vintage clothes, shoes and accessories, pictures, lighting, haberdashery, curtains, toys

.....and SO MUCH MORE!

As you browse through Step in Time you will stumble across things that you had completely forgotten existed!

Take home memories and everything associated with them ... from a tea cup, dress or eventhe music that is playing. 


 Whilst putting this website together I have come across more than one obstacle, the biggest being how can I show you everything we have....its IMPOSSIBLE!  

So much has been produced over the decades I couldn't possibly cover it all but I have tried to categorise it as best I can, however if your looking for something please ask because we truly are an Aladdin's cave!

The fun thing about this business is you never know what your going to find next so keep an eye on our new in page I'm hoping for some fun finds!

We also have a shopping page where you can pay by Paypal.

All prices are inclusive of P&P so if you want to collect please let us know so that we can adjust them accordingly.